Dear Supporters of Refugees NW: this is an ACTION ALERT! Please tell your members of Congress that you oppose the lowering of the already historically low cap on refugee admissions to the United States.  We know you join us in appreciating the contributions made by our resettled families, and in believing that our diversity and our beacon of freedom should remain strong as we move forward together.
          This article from today’s New York Times explains the potential sharp reduction in the numbers of desperate people who can find a safe harbor.
          We urgently ask that you call your Congressional representatives and urge them to set the refugee limit no lower than 75,000 for 2018.  Please, if you have a moment today, that call is crucial. You can find your representatives’ contact info here:
          If you need an idea of what to say, here’s a sample:
“My name is (name), from (where you live) and I’m calling to urge (name of representative) to uphold the American ideal of freedom and welcome to this country by refusing to lower refugee admissions below 75,000 for 2018.  Refugees are already the most vetted class of people entering the US and are important members of my community.  Our country should continue to be a beacon of freedom for those fleeing torture, famine, and war.  Please provide the leadership to make sure that our refugee program has the support it deserves.  Thank you.”
           From all of us at Refugees Northwest, we deeply appreciate your support and your compassion for people around the world whose dream of freedom is no different from many of our own ancestors.  Please stay in touch with us through our Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram @refugeesnw, or on our website where you can donate and volunteer.
          Thank you!


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