Add Your Voice to the Proposed “Public Charge” Rule Change

Take ACTION today!

A new expanded definition of “public charge” will make it harder for working and middle class immigrants to obtain green cards. If enacted, this proposed rule change will preference wealthy immigrants over other hard-working families. We need your help to make sure this rule does not go into effect.

Please comment on the public charge rule change right now via the Protecting Immigrant Families portal. Duplicate comments are deleted so please make sure your comments are customized. There are samples and ideas on the portal. The comment period closes on December 10, 2018.

The more comments that are received, the higher the chance the rule will not be enacted. Add your voice TODAY and ask your family and friends to add their voice as well!


Read Lutheran Community Services Northwest’s response to the Public Charge rule changes below.

Lutheran Community Services (LCS) Northwest strongly opposes the proposed changes to the “Public Charge” rule. As a three-state human services organization dedicated to health, justice and hope, we believe this proposed rule threatens the wellbeing of not only immigrants, but to all of us.

The United States is a nation of immigrants. Nearly all United States citizens have immigrants in their family trees. Study after study has shown that immigrants make a positive contribution to our economy and to our communities. Research has proven they start businesses and create jobs, boost demand for consumer goods, and develop cutting-edge technologies and companies. Many immigrants are people  of faith with strong family values, and a belief in the American dream.  This proposed rule shifts our nation away from our historic bipartisan commitment to welcoming immigrants, and negates their many positive contributions. It puts wealthy immigrants ahead of hardworking families, and continues separation of families who have waited for years and even decades to reunify.

The proposed change to the “Public Charge” rule forces immigrant families to choose between caring for their families and their immigration status. It would scare immigrants away from using programs that their tax dollars have already contributed to, including programs that offer healthy food, necessary health care, and safe and affordable housing. With about one in four children having at least one immigrant parent, this issue touches millions. Should this rule be enacted, it will worsen poverty and hunger, destabilize families, and ultimately have greater cost to our communities.

LCS  Northwest urges the withdraw of this dangerous proposal. If implemented, we would no longer be a beacon of hope for the world. Instead, we would be a nation that closes its doors on the world’s dreamers and strivers, and forces families to choose between the American Dream and their family’s health. Our nation will be better, stronger and safer without this proposed rule change.