Bollywood Dreams: Learn Some Bhangra Dance for a Great Cause!


Our May 4th Taste of the World promises to be a colorful, high-energy opportunity to open your world to new people and cultures! This year, our entertainment includes the Apna Bhangra Crew, the first all-male Bhangra group from Washington state, formed in 2006.  And they are fresh off taking FIRST PLACE at the Reign of Bhangra 2017 competition.  Take a closer look at the team and their amazing style of dance in this spectacular video!

The term Bhangra refers to the traditional dance from the Indian subcontinent, originating in the Punjab region.  The immensely popular Apna Bhangra Crew, known as ABC, will dazzle us at Taste of the World, with the dancers teaching all of us a few steps that night! Please make your plans to join us to celebrate the work of Refugees Northwest, share a global dinner, enjoy great entertainment, and make our world a bit bigger and brighter!

For a sample of Bhangra music, listen here.

And don’t forget to purchase your tickets for Taste of the World today, they’re going fast!