Gift Card Drive

Most refugees arrive in the U.S. with little more than the clothing on their backs. It is so helpful when we can offer our clients a gift card. In amounts of $25 to $50, these allow refugees to purchase their own groceries and clothing, an important step towards independence, confidence and navigating daily life in our urban communities. It helps us fill in the gaps for things like underwear, shoes and other products we do not normally receive through donations. Best of all, they are easy for us to store in our small office space. 🙂

These types of gift cards work well:

–Safeway, Grocery Outlet (or other grocery)
–Target, Goodwill, Value Village (or other inexpensive department or thrift stores)
–Orca (bus) cards
–gas/petrol cards

Please call to arrange pickup or deliver gift cards during regular weekday work hours to:
Refugees Northwest/Lutheran Community Services Northwest
4040 S. 188th St.  #100, SeaTac, WA 98188

THANK YOU for making a difference!