Immigrant Youth and the Seattle World School

Refugees Northwest offers foster care, help in accessing education and staying in school, assistance in reaching college, and more for refugee youth who arrive in the U.S. needing a hand in navigating a new culture and a new life.  Young people who’ve shown incredible courage and resilience just in reaching the country can flourish and contribute to stronger communities once they’ve built a foundation for their future. And we are here to ensure a welcome, a safe harbor, and the cross cultural skills necessary to succeed.

On this ‘Feel Good Friday,’ we thought you’d enjoy knowing about the Seattle World School, where important work is being done to give young people a supportive, learning environment, with one generation reaching back to help the next generation up! We’re happy to see them featured by

To find out about opportunities to foster refugee and immigrant youth, please check out our upcoming Refugees Northwest Foster Care Info Nights! The next one is June 18th.