Refugees Northwest Emergency Fund

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We know you’re deeply concerned about the policy of family separation on our southern border. Our hearts break for parents and children ripped apart. We also know that you might be learning about the process of asylum-seeking in our country for the first time because of this tragedy.

But did you know there are a growing number of people right here in the Northwest who are also seeking asylum and are equally desperate? Those detained will wait close to a year before having a hearing on their case. Those in the community frequently wait up to five years. Asylum-seekers are prohibited from receiving any federal benefits including medical insurance, and for a significant portion of time, they are also prohibited from working.

And because they cannot earn a living and do not qualify for assistance, the cost of food, clothing, medicine, and even transportation is often out of reach. Imagine yourself alone, with nothing but the clothes on your back, forbidden to work, facing illness, going hungry, and depending on the kindness of others.

YOU can make all the difference!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to grant IMMEDIATE help to the most vulnerable of these people through a new Emergency Fund. Here are a few of their stories:

–A man who needs dental restoration after his teeth were broken during torture in his country of origin

–A woman who needs a safe ride home from chemotherapy and cannot ride the bus due to her suppressed immune system

–An elderly gentleman who requires prescription medication to address his chronic and dangerously high blood pressure

–A child who is traumatized and wetting the bed, and needs Pull-Ups


Because of the growing need, our asylum support services are now forced to put people on waitlists for critical services including medical and mental health evaluation. This is why we need you.

These issues are not just happening at the border. They’re happening here, to real people whose needs are urgent. Your gift of $500, $250, $100, or even $50 provides immediate relief.


We hope to reach our goal of $25,000 by September 1st. Please make your gift now. The sooner you give, the sooner we can help those who have survived war, trauma, and torture to heal and thrive.