The United States has always been a beacon of hope for those who are persecuted and oppressed. We honor that legacy by helping refugees rebuild their lives and thrive in their new communities. You can ensure that our nation is stronger, kinder and more vibrant when you support Refugees Northwest.

For more ways that YOU can help Refugees Northwest, please consider the opportunities listed below.

Foster Parents
Foster families welcome refugee and immigrant teens who have been forced to flee their home countries and are in need of loving adults to care for them in the King County area. Families help teens in their care to heal, grow, and reach their goals–graduating from high school, beginning college, vocational school or work, and finding a sense of home in their new community. Must reside in or near King County, be at least 21-years old, and complete the foster care licensing process. For more information, visit refugeechildren.net call 206-694-5724 or email fostercare@refugeesnw.org.

Host Homes
Host Homes offer an affordable, stable housing option for more independent refugee and immigrant youth who are 18 or older. This is a stepping stone to independence, with youth continuing to receive the same foster care benefits as youth living in licensed foster homes, while experiencing a more independent living arrangement. While the primary need is always for more licensed foster homes, hosting is an alternative way you can get involved to support refugee and immigrant youth. For more information, visit refugeechildren.net call 206-694-5724 or email fostercare@refugeesnw.org.

Volunteer Asylum Evaluators
Volunteer Asylum Evaluators are licensed mental health professionals and licensed healthcare providers who volunteer their time and expertise to conduct independent evaluations of individuals who are seeking asylum. Volunteer evaluators help assess and document the physical and psychological symptoms or consequences applicants may have arising from the experiences which caused them to leave their homeland. These evaluations play a critical role in helping individuals who are fleeing persecution and torture find safety and healing as they endeavor to rebuild their lives. Volunteer evaluators must be ARNPs, MDs, LICSWs, or LICMHPs with current and active licenses. Volunteers must complete the application process (including a background and reference checks) and attend an initial training session. For more information, please contact our Seattle Asylum and Forensic Evaluation Network (SAFE Net) at evalnetteam@lcsnw.org