About Us 

Refugees Northwest believes that every person forced to flee war, persecution and terror can heal, thrive, and enrich our community with their unique gifts and strengths. We work with thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers each year to build upon the strength and courage that got them here, and to support their hopes and dreams. Our programs include trauma-focused mental health support, torture treatment, unaccompanied minor foster care, asylum assistance, complex medical case management, and a variety of community programs that help develop new skills, gain citizenship, and build fulfilling connections.

The majority of Refugees Northwest staff came to the United States as refugees or seeking asylum. Speaking more than 17 languages, our dedicated and experienced staff have walked in the shoes of those we serve, giving us unique insight.

History and  Mission of Refugees Northwest

For close to forty years we’ve proudly served as part of Lutheran Community Services Northwest (LCS), where we have always pursued compassionate, innovative, and effective practices. LCS mission is to partner with individuals, families and communities for health, justice, and hope. LCS is proud to work with and serve people from different faiths, backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and sexualities. Founded in Portland, OR in 1926 to address the needs of struggling families and individuals, LCS now has 43 offices in three states. LCS is structured so that common services like human resources and information technology are shared, while local offices design and deliver programming to best fit community needs.

Refugees Northwest began with two programs close to forty years ago – cross cultural mental health (originally called International Counseling and Community Services) and unaccompanied minor foster care (originally called Refugee and Immigrant Children’s Program). Over time, multiple services were created so that there was a comprehensive continuum of care in King County for those that were persecuted and forced to flee their home. In 2016, we rebranded to Refugees Northwest to show the connection between our many programs. Refugees Northwest programming now includes:

Foster Care

Mental Health

Torture Treatment

Medical Case Management

Immigration Assistance

Drop-Out Prevention

Refugee Elder Support

Asylum Assistance

Forensic Medical and Mental Health Evaluations

Refugees Northwest believes that refugees and asylum seekers are survivors with a great resilience, skills, and gifts. It is our privilege to walk alongside individuals, families, and communities as they move towards health, seek justice, and find hope.