Asylum Assistance

Refugees Northwest helps those seeking asylum from persecution find a path to stability and strength. Asylum seekers face numerous challenges, including not being able to work for an average of 18 months after arriving in the United States. Because asylum seekers are not eligible for any federal benefits, many are vulnerable to food insecurity and homelessness.  Our Asylum Assistance program provides emergency food, clothing, and transportation assistance to help people meet their basic needs.

We also coordinate a pro-bono evaluation network of physicians and licensed mental health clinicians to help asylum seekers corroborate their claim of persecution and harm. These evaluations are vital to securing safety in the United States, but are often financially out of reach for most asylum applicants. In the last year alone, our volunteer evaluation network has performed well over 200 of these critical exams at no charge.

After people get asylum they are eligible for numerous benefits, but often have no one to help them navigate a complicated system. Refugees Northwest helps connect those recently granted asylum to basic needs, employment resources, health care, benefits, and status documents. We also help them petition for their families so they can be reunited in the United States. Since November of 2015, over 1400 asylees from more than 20 countries have received assistance.

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