Hope With A Purpose

DIY Food Drive at Your Location for our Emergency Food Bank

They call themselves the Hope Brigade–a group of family, neighbors, church members, workout buddies, school friends, work mates, book club members–all feeling restless after a contentious political season.  “We wanted to put our conviction and compassion into action, and I knew there must be organizations locally that were stretched and could use help,” explained the group’s organizer, Allison Carver.

Familiar with Refugees Northwest and its services in the area since 1975, the group invited Program Director Beth Farmer to give several informational talks.  After hearing about Refugees Northwest’s work building new lives in the U.S., and watching a remarkable video called We Refugees, the group found a common purpose.  “We learned the history of the United States refugee program, about Refugees Northwest and the ways they help refugees in our area, and finally how we as neighbors can support their work. It was very powerful, educational and inspirational,” Allison said.


In quick order, Hope Brigade members found ways to plug in, including replenishing the emergency food supplies at Refugees Northwest.  These portable, non-perishable items sustain clients who lack permanent housing or are struggling to maintain their food security.

In one effort, the Hope Brigade gathered 45 grocery bags, each containing a week’s worth of easy-to-prepare foods, utensils and napkins.  It took only about a dozen people to pull it all together and have fun at the same time!


The group has now completed several food drives but in reality, Refugees Northwest need to ensure a steady supply of goods for our most at-risk neighbors.  And that’s where you come in!

We’re hoping you’ll assemble food bags for at least a week’s supply for Refugees Northwest clients, and deliver them to our offices in SeaTac.  You’ll find a basic sample list here of what we’re looking for–very often things that people can use with just hot water, no matter where they are living.  (Don’t let the list be a stopper though, as we will gladly accept and distribute ANY non-perishable, unopened and un-expired food items, whether sorted into individual bags or not.)

If volunteers sign up for a week (10-12 bags) or two weeks (20-24 bags) or even a month (45 bags), we’ll be well on our way to securing a regular food supply for people in dire need.  Is this something you can do? If so, please contact George Miller at egmiller@lcsnw.org with questions or to schedule your DIY food drive!

Please find us on Facebook at Refugees Northwest, and on Instagram and Twitter @refugeesnw and share the photos from your volunteer activities!