COVID-19 Limitations & Considerations

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent public safety guidelines, we have temporarily suspended most in-person evaluations and are current unable to provide invasive non-urgent medical evaluations, neurological evaluations, and most other evaluations that require extensive and/or in-person appointments. We are able to provide some remote, video-based psychological evaluations; however our current capacity is limited. We are also continuing to arrange some in-person medical evaluations for applicants with imminent deadlines and critical needs.

Evaluations for Detainees at NWDC

We recognize the increasing need for Evaluations for detainees at the Northwest Detention Center/ICE processing Center; we are eagerly and actively exploring alternative opportunities to safely resume detention based evaluations. At this time, however, we are unable to provide remote psychological evaluations for detainees. We may, however, be able to arrange a limited number of urgent in-person medical evaluations for individuals held in the NWDC.

Timeline Considerations

All evaluations are conducted by volunteer clinicians and health providers who donate their expertise and time. Given the significant impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent public health restrictions on all aspects of our lives, it may take longer than normal for our volunteers to complete an affidavit. If there are any changes to your client’s case and deadlines, please call us (206-806-1061) immediately. We cannot guarantee than an evaluation will be completed within the requested time frame. Our volunteer evaluators reserve the right to decline or retract their evaluations and findings at any time.